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[   ]مشکلات زاینده رود به صورت سئوال و جواب حاجیان.PDF9.5M 
[   ]300 solved problems in geotechnical engineering.pdf9.5M 
[   ]1976_Krishan P. Singh -- UNIT HYDROGRAPHS – A COMPARATIVE STUDY.pdf468K 
[   ]1441903194_1441903198TimeSeries.pdf 17M 
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[   ]Atmospheric Science (Advances in Geosciences)2008.pdf 23M 
[   ]Bayesian Networks and Influence Diagrams_ A Guide to Construction and Analysis-Springer New York (2013)_Madsen.pdf3.0M 
[   ]Bilal M. Ayyub-Elicitation of Expert Opinions for Uncertainty and Risks.pdf1.9M 
[   ]Box1964Transformations.pdf4.1M 
[   ]Chaos in Hydrology.)-Chaos in Hydrology_ Bridging Determinism and Stochasticity-Springer Netherlands (2017).pdf7.6M 
[   ]Compare MK and Spearman_Yueetal2002.pdf728K 
[   ]Concise Hydrology_2010.pdf3.1M 
[   ]Daniel Hillel-Introduction to Environmental Soil Physics-Academic Press (2003).pdf6.4M 
[   ]Data Assimilation_ The Ensemble Kalman Filter.pdf 18M 
[   ] 47M 
[   ]Encyclopedia of Natural Hazards-(Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series)(2013) Dr. Robert Buchwaldt (auth.), Peter T. Bobrowsky (eds.)-Springer Netherlands.pdf 52M 
[   ]Enjoy the Joy of Copulas With a Package copula.pdf508K 
[   ]Entropy Theory and its Application in Environmental and Water Engineering-Vijay P. Singh(auth.(2013).pdf4.1M 
[   ]Eslamian S., Eng Hydrology Modeling, Climate Change, and Variability, 2014.zip9.8M 
[   ]Extremes in a Changing Climate- Detection, Analysis and Uncertainty_book chapter1_Statistical Indices for the Diagnosing and Detecting Changes in Extremes.pdf 13M 
[   ]Flood Frequency Analysis_RAO.pdf5.5M 
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[   ]Fundamentals of Particle Technology_chap1-3.zip932K 
[   ]Fuzzy Logic in Geology (2003).pdf7.6M 
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[   ]Handbook_of_Hydrology_maidment_chap19.pdf6.8M 
[   ]Handbook_of_Statistics[N._Balakrishnan,_C.R._Rao].pdf4.2M 
[   ]Hilbert-Huang Transform Analysis Of Hydrological And Environmental Time Series Volume 60 2008 .pdf 86M 
[   ]Hydrosystems Engineering Uncertainty Analysis_Tung_Yen.pdf3.0M 
[   ]Internal and external green-blue agricultural water footprints of nations, and related water and land savings through trade-Article-2011.pdf1.6M 
[   ]Introduction to Hydrology_book_chapter-salas.pdf2.9M 
[   ]Joaquin Andreu Alvarez-Drought_ Research and Science-Policy Interfacing-CRC Press (2015).pdf101M 
[   ]Jozve_GAMS.pdf 11M 
[   ]Koller,Friedman-Probabilistic Graphical Models_ Principles and Techniques-The MIT Press (2009).pdf8.4M 
[   ]MMK_Analyzing trends in temperature streamflow and precipitation over Southern Ontario and Québec_Thesis__ using the discreet wavelet transform.pdf2.5M 
[   ]Maurice G. Kendall-Rank Correlation Methods-Griffin, London (1970).djvu2.3M 
[   ]Mechanics of Sediment Transportation and Alluvial Stream Problems Book by R J Garde_Ranga Raju.pdf160M 
[   ]Modern Water Resources Engineering_2014_[Jose_D._Salas_Ph.D.,_Rao_S._Govindaraju_Ph.D.pdf 23M 
[   ]Mohammad Karamouz_ Sara Nazif_ Mahdis Falahi-Hydrology and hydroclimatology _ principles and applications-CRC Press ([2013] ©2013).pdf 30M 
[   ]Nonparametric Statistical Inference, Fifth Edition-Chakraborti, Subhabrata_ Gibbons, Jean Dickinson(2010).pdf3.4M 
[   ]Predictive hydrology_2011_[Paul_Meylan;_Anne-Catherine_Favre;_A_Musy].pdf6.0M 
[   ]Principles_of_copula_theory_7q18_MTM3ODA0MQ==.pdf 19M 
[   ]Probability, Statistics, and Decisions for Civil Engineers -McGraw-Hill Jack Benjamin, C. A. Cornell (1960).pdf 53M 
[   ]Probability Reliability and Statistical Methods in Engineering Design_scanned.pdf 12M 
[   ]Rank correlation methods_Maurice Kendal_Jean Dickinson Gibbons.pdf325M 
[   ]Rao-Dynamic Stochastic Models from Empirical Data-Academic Press (1976).djvu2.3M 
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[   ]Scanned_McMahon_Rein_River and Reservoir Yield_Book_15pp.pdf6.0M 
[   ]Simonovic-Managing Water Resources_ Methods and Tools for a Systems Approach (2009).pdf3.6M 
[   ]Statistical Methods in Water Resources By D.R. Helsel and R.M. Hirsch.zip6.0M 
[   ]Statistics of Extremes. Theory and Applications.pdf9.3M 
[   ]Stochastic-Hydrology_Marc_Bierkens_VanGeer_Utrecht.pdf5.2M 
[   ]Stochastic Water Resources Technology_Kottegoda.pdf3.8M 
[   ]Stream Hydrology[Nancy_D._Gordon,_Thomas_A._McMahon,_Brian_L._Finl( 
[   ] 19M 
[   ]Time.Series.Analysis.and.Its.Applications.With.R.Examples.3rd.Edition.pdf6.8M 
[   ]Toward a Sustainable Water Future- Visions for 2050.pdf 22M 
[   ]Urmia Lake Water Governance Policy Analysis HKS 2015_Mahdi Zagharmi, Ka Tsai Ku, Liu Ying, Safwan Shabab, Mahfuzul Islam.pdf1.0M 
[   ]Virtual water trade flows and savings under climate change_Article-2013.pdf3.4M 
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[   ]Water_Resources_Systems_Analysis_Karamouz.pdf5.9M 
[   ][Allen_P._Davis,_Richard_H._McCuen]_Stormwater_Man( 18M 
[   ][Derek_Eamus,_Tom_Hatton,_Peter_Cook,_Christine_Co.pdf 10M 
[   ][Larry_W._Mays,_Yeou-Koung_Tung]_Hydrosystems_Engineering_and_Management.pdf 34M 
[   ][Mackenzie_Davis]_Water_and_Wastewater_Engineering(2010).pdf 13M 
[   ][Richard_H._McCuen]_Modeling_Hydrologic_Change_Statistical_Methods.pdf5.4M 
[   ][Thomas_A._McMahon,_Russel_G._Mein]_Reservoir_capacity and yield(1978).pdf5.0M 
[   ]mann-kendall-correlated.pdf436K 
[   ]probability-plot for pearson 3 by Vogel.pdf1.1M 
[   ]technical_english_for_civil_engineers_construction_basics.pdf535K