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[   ]2012_Estimating the Impacts of Climate Change and Population Growth on Flood Discharges in the United States.pdf1.8M 
[   ]2012_Incorporating Climate Uncertainty in a Cost Assessment for New Municipal Source Water.pdf331K 
[   ]2012_Investigating the Sensitivity of U.S. Streamflow and Water Quality to Climate Change_U.S. EPA Global Change Research Program 20 Watersheds Project.pdf2.1M 
[   ]2012_Staged Climate Change Adaptation Planning for Water Supply in Amman, Jordan.pdf1.1M 
[   ]2012_Two Faces of Uncertainty Climate Science and Water Utility Planning Methods.pdf 92K 
[   ]2012_Water Management Decisions Using Multiple Hydrologic Models within the San Juan River Basin under Changing Climate Conditions.pdf1.0M 
[   ]2013_Improving Bayesian maximum entropy and ordinary Kriging methods for estimating precipitations in a large watershed a new cluster-based approach.rar3.6M 
[   ]2013_When All Models Are Wrong.pdf109K 
[   ]Progress in integrating remote sensing data and hydrologic modeling_2014.pdf374K